Saturday, January 16, 2010


Yeah, yeah, i know...its been a while. No promises about my return to "the blog"...I am just not a writer.

So today we took a trip to NJ to see my aunt who is visiting from Florida and to see my cousin Timothy and his newborn baby boy, Matthew. Uh...he is TOO CUTE, BTW...

It was a fun day catching up, reminiscing, LAUGHING, telling stories, etc. My grandmother and her husband came over for a little while to visit as well. For christmas she gave me the greatest present. A few years ago I had given her this little journal to fill out about her life. One little page per day for one whole year. I totally forgot about it but I got it back for christmas ALL FILLED OUT!! She is one crazy woman, but for those of you who know her, this will not come as a surprise. It's really not a mystery why I am the way I am!!! oh, and today I taught her what a "mo-fo" is. LOLOLOLOL man, I love that woman!

I also love to spend time with the extendeds. Love you guys!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have bronchitis...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Middle School Drama begins

My poor sweet girl came home from school today in tears. She sits in an assigned spot at lunch, between 2 of her friends who do not like each other. She comes home on occasion telling me that they were fighting and asking my advice. I don't really like one of the girls - she is trouble - and my assumptions were found to be true today. So this girl, A was fighting with M. A (the one I dont like) grabbed M's arm and hurt her wrist. (ally said she sprained it...drama) The lunch aide told them to go see the guidance counselor and made Allysa accompany them "as a witness". Another girl asked her where she was going and she told her that A & M were fighting and she had to go to the GC. Well, later on the bus, Ally tried to apologize to A for talking to the other girl. M BLEW UP and yelled at Ally in front of everyone on the bus and told her it was HER fault for starting rumors and that everyone in school was going to hate A because because of it. GRRRRR seriously???? I am so not ready for all of this - 5th grade is so early, isn't it? I don't really remember drama like this happening until about 7th grade. I called the GC, filled him in on what happened on the bus and got her lunch seat changed (well, I would have, but all of 5th grade is getting new seat assignments tomorrow) and asked him to keep his ears open to the rumors spreading. I don't want my kid to be lumped in with girls like that and become guilty by association.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Why can't people be as positive with each other as they are negative? Why must people make a special trip to tell you when you have done something wrong, but can't even be bothered to send you an email to tell you that they appreciate how you go above and beyond the call of duty?

I need to check this in my own life...I love and appreciate my friends and family. A LOT

Saturday, August 1, 2009

time's up...

WOW. so it's been about a hundred years since my last post. I feel like I have not had time to breathe since I last posted!! My mama came to visit from Mexico for 3 weeks or so and brought with her my neice and nephew from Phoenix. We had a nice visit. Then she left and the kids stayed here for another week until my brother flew out to get them. The entire 3 weeks consisted of a lot of driving, a lot of flexibility, some tears, some yelling, some frustration, A LOT OF MONEY was nice to have the kids here so the cousins could spend time together but 1 week would be plenty. I had a lot of school work to do, and Ally went away to camp for the first time! She loved it and had the time of her life! And being consistent with my "mother-of-the-year" status, I was an hour late to pick her up from camp, which resulted in more tears!! I worked ESY (extended school year) this summer, which was...well...lets just say that I am glad its over. The kids were great - it was the other adults who I could have lived without! GRRR Now my summer vacation can start - I have 4 whole weeks. Cheerleading begins this week - both of my girls cheer and I am one of their coaches! Its fun, but a HUGE committment. I will be a "ministry widow" this coming week, as the Reading Fair begins and Mike will spend every waking moment there. He will be home to sleep and shower. Not even to eat! The girls and I will be driving to MI to see their grandparents on Saturday and Mike will fly in next Wednesday. Busy, busy...but I will try to be more diligent in my postings. Not that anyone really reads them, but I like to just write randomly sometimes (like this one right now) and get stuff out...

for those of you who don't know, Mike's cousin Joy has a 15 month old daughter who, long story short, got Fifth's disease, which is very common among children. It attacked her heart and within 2 weeks recieved a heart transplant. It will be one week tomorrow. She is doing very well and they are slowly trying to wean her off of the paralytic drugs to see how she will do and so she can begin to recover. It was a shock and it all happened very quickly. The family appreciates your prayers.

Monday, June 29, 2009


A friend of mine has a nice scrapbooking blog and a fabulous scrap retreat house that I hope to visit one day. Check her blog out (& info about The Hamburg hideaway) at

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Cass: "daddy, it's official, you're wierd!" Ally: "Cass, it's been official for years!"

Aunt Moo: "Ally, you don't make a lick of sense!" Ally: "yeah, thats why I like to talk to my dad"

Cass: "Hannah Montana the movie is on DVD!" Ally: "you know what we have to do now. BEG!"

Ally: "Daddy, I like to sit on you because when you like...spread..."